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This is our process

Eigen Bodem works with the customer to clarify the goals and possible problems and offers a strategic and successful solution through video marketing. Eigen Bodem's videos create visibility, experience, connection and trust. We transform your potential customers from seeing to believing with videos. 

Video marketing Rotterdam


First of all, we would really like to get to know your company. What drives you, what are your objectives and what challenges do you face? Which projects can we help make more visible?

We would like to discuss with you where you are and where you want to go. We use this information to determine the most suitable strategy. 


Based on the first conversation, we come by to present our strategy. A plan and subscription that matches your goals and generates the right visibility. Together we determine the message and the type of videos needed to achieve your goals.


We also show a content planning, an overview of the investment and expected results. As soon as the plan is in place, we get started straight away.

Video marketing Rotterdam
Video marketing Rotterdam


We move flexibly with the delivery and/or construction of your project. We take the initiative so that we are aware of the stage your projects are at. It is also possible that we come to film a project that has already been completed. In consultation with you, we determine when it is best to film.

We are aware of the safety instructions of construction sites and respect them.


Once we have collected all the footage, we start editing it. Matching music is added in post-production.

Once the video is edited, we will share it with you and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. In many cases, after the 1st feedback round, the video is ready to be shared. In this way we keep the turnaround speed short and it is our intention to relieve you of this as much as possible.

Video marketing Rotterdam

Would you like to work with us to work on your visibility as effectively as possible?

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