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Your exclusive homes that are for sale are not visible through video. ​And if you are not visible enough, the house is standingon sale for longer than you would like and it does not get the attention it deserves. The challenge lies in offering a unique service that delivers results without compromising turnaround time. Video marketing is the solution for this.

What we believe

  • Video marketing creates a competitive advantage and increases the sales speed

  • Video marketing provides a unique experience because the viewer is taken through the house 

  • Video marketing lets you to separate and lasting to grow in a crowded market

  • Video marketing gives potential owners the opportunity to associate with a luxurious lifestyle

  • Video marketing creates a exponentially reach then photo and text combined

  • Video marketing gives you increased brand awareness and reliability

  • Video marketing makes you a real estate agent visible and strengthens the connection with your network

  • Video marketing is the best way to reach the viewer to inform

"Successful real estate is not about selling properties, it's about building relationships and creating exceptional experiences."

modern Villa

What we do

With a high-quality video, you connect with your high-end customer. As a broker you offer this extra service to customers who are used to a high level and the best service. With our videos we pay attention to the unique features of the home, so that its true potential becomes visible. We create a connection between the experience of the home itself and the environment. With Eigen Bodem we make videos of exclusive homes from €1.5 million.

Lavenderhill - Saalbach Hinterglemm Austria
Casa Agila - Sicilie
K House - Sri Lanka
Llandudno - Cape Town


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