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About Eigen Bodem

Since 2017, Eigen Bodem has specialized in making projects by project developers, (interior and exterior) architects and high-end real estate agents visible. We do this through video marketing.​


Good visibility means that people can find you and choose you. Video is the most effective way to do this these days. Repeatedly sharing videos ensures increased brand awareness, reliability and connection to your network.



Through video marketing, Eigen Bodem makes companies visible, so that they increase their impact and achieve set goals. 

We are an adventurous and passionate company that dares to take risks by going all-in. Through a sustainable relationship and a structural solution, we want to achieve the best possible results for our customers.

We create high-quality content that, together with a unique strategy, builds online visibility and brand loyalty. This way the authentic value of our customer becomes visible. 


Making companies in the real estate sector future-proof by being omnipresent and growing, despite changing market conditions.

I am Bart Molenaar, the founder of Eigen Bodem. After working in the financial world for 10 years, it was time for a change and to take a new direction. Eigen Bodem emerged from this.


I love sports (preferably in nature), technology, adventure and unspoiled nature in the mountains. Together with my wife I have traveled the world in recent years and have been able to capture this with my camera and drone.


I enjoy connecting with people, listening to their life stories, but also helping people. With Eigen Bodem I can store many of those components.

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